“Phi Kappa Theta (ΦΚΘ) is a national social fraternity with currently has forty-eight (48) chapters. Thirty-eight (38) collegiate chapters and ten (10) colony chapters through the United States.  Collegiate chapters vary in size from one to the other each contributing to the body of Phi Kappa Theta. “Phi Kaps”, as they are commonly referred to colloquially, are known for diversity among their brothers and a dedication to service.

Phi Kappa Theta was established by the merger of two fraternities on April 29, 1959: Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi. In 1889, Phi Kappa was founded by a group of Catholic students at Brown University who were refused entrance to other fraternities because of their faith. Later, on October 1, 1919, Theta Kappa Phi (an acronym for “The Catholic Fraternity”) was founded by a similar group of students at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. The merger of the two fraternities in 1959 was the first of its kind in the history of the American fraternal system. The merger between the two fraternities occurred at The Ohio State University with the first chartered chapter of Phi Kappa Theta located at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. Although rich in Catholic history, Phi Kappa Theta is open for membership to men of all faiths, and many of its members are not Catholic. Phi Kappa Theta is currently the only fraternity in the American Fraternal system that is considered a true “merger” of two separate Greek letter organizations.”